Land Use Calculator
Mapping diet and environmental impact
Emotionally connected indoor gardening
Rethinking urban housing models
MacBook Air 2018
Embodying "Air"
Extending product life through packaging
Gardening goes digital
Andover Companies
City of Fall River
Edward Jones
Food Bank for NYC
Goldman Sachs
Gordon Food Service
Lincoln Financial Group
LDS Church
Thrivent Financial
Sewanee University
State of Kentucky
A closed loop food delivery service piloted in China that reduces single use plastic while creating a new clean source for recycled resin
A streamlined chatbot underwriting experience for agents to obtain insurance products more conveniently and seamlessly
An insights dashboard that analyzes employee well-being to help businesses better understand their workforce efficiency and performance
A new loyalty program for business owners that supports smoother business operations and provides opportunities for growth
A personalized wealth management experience that helps clients achieve their life goals while reassuring their financial future  
A volunteer platform that provides NPOs and Volunteers with an one-stop-shop to connect, take action and track impact
NDAs are the death of me, but here’s a peek at some projects I’ve been working on at work
Meet Sean
Professional Projects
Recently mastered the art of PowerPoint.
Nice to meet you, I’m Sean Lin.

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Sean Chasing Three Sheep • 2021 • Pixel on Web

“Sean Chasing Three Sheep” as the title suggests, illustrates the artist chasing three sheep. Lin, currently a Resident Alien living in the United States of America, runs in place with a hopeful facade and watches as his dreams slip away. A seemingly light hearted and humorous narrative, disguises a deeper reality and fear of unemployment, immigration status, and uninspiring design.

Currently at Doblin, I’ve been immersed in design research – uncovering innate user needs to deliver transformative business solutions, brought to life with intuitive and delightful digital experiences.

Previously at
Growsquares, I helped pushed the possiblities for urban gardening. Blending together physical and digital interactions to enhance and differientiate their product experience.

Right before that at Apple and Figmints, I worked with interdisciplinary teams to design impactful and interactive brand and marketing solutions.  

A while ago, I graduated from the
Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Industrial and Product Design with a concentration in Creative Computation, Technology & Culture.

Let me
catch you up